August Story Of The Month - Kate

August Story Of The Month - Kate

Team Keegsie's Sixth Story Of The Month Winner! 

Congrats to Kate! Thank you for sharing your story! Although I hope you've avoided more splats. 


My first year of xc, I quickly became known as the girl who could not go a full week without falling during a run. My favorite fall, though, was one during a distance run one weekend. We were probably going 60 something minutes, so we decided to run through town to get a change of scenery. The road to get from the park to town had a huge downhill, which usually worked in our favor (faster pace, less work, typical middle school goals you know) except for this time.

I zoned out on this downhill and before I knew it I had tripped on the curb and was down. Since I was towards the back of the group, no one knew what had happened, they just heard a splat. By the time they turned around, I was already standing up again ready to run. The only indication that I had fallen was my glasses halfway across the road (a truck stopped for me while I got them before they got run over thankfully) and both of my elbows and both of my knees bleeding.

There was no place to go to clean the blood off, so when we finished the run back at the park I had blood halfway down my forearms and shins. Even though I am now a senior in high school, the people that were there on that fateful day still remember and laugh about it to this day.

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