April Story Of The Month Winner - Katie W.

April Story Of The Month Winner - Katie W.

Team Keegsie's Second Story Of The Month Winner! 

Congrats to Katie! Round two was just as difficult to pick as the first. I have a feeling it won't be getting any easier! Katie shared her story about getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

As an active runner, a healthy eater, and a relatively thin person, I never in a billion years thought I would get diabetes. But, alas, almost a year ago (April 20, 2022), I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It rocked my world.

When I first started to get my blood sugar under control I was having a really hard time running. The medicine I was on made me so nauseous that I couldn't eat, so I had no energy. This went on for months. Once I started to feel a little bit better I could finally run again! But the low energy still came in waves, so I had to stick to the treadmill in case I got too tired mid-run.


She then came up with a clever idea to help her move forward.

To keep me motivated I bought myself a plain black water bottle and said that every paycheck I would order myself ONE sticker from this cool, funky, quirky Etsy shop that made running stickers. And now, months later, my water bottle is full of adorable Keegsie Running stickers AND I'm at the end of my training cycle for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile.


I love the idea of rewarding yourself and think we should all take a note from Katie (and of course I feel extremely honored Keegsie Running was a part of her journey!).

 I had a doctor's appointment today and found out that my A1c is a 6.1 (down from a 9.4). My health is better than ever. I'm all prepped to run a sub-1:30 10 mile in a couple weeks. And, I think I might treat myself to a new water bottle so I can finally buy some more stickers to keep me motivated for my next running adventure!

I notice repeat customers' names so I was curious and excited when I saw she submitted a story. I can't explain how cool it is to be building this community with you all! Thank you so much to Katie for sharing her story! 💗

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