Team Keegsie's Story of The Month

Do you have a running-related or track and field story to share? Nominate yourself for a chance to be Team Keegsie's featured story of the month! Details below. 


Share a story – funny, sad, happy, weird, inspirational, or all of the above – that you think other runners and field athletes would love to hear. Some suggestions: a proud moment such as a PR, dealing with an injury, race day drama, forming friendships (maybe even with a rival!). It’s up to you!

A Team Keegsie gift set put together by me! Includes Team Keegsie shirt, Team Keegsie sticker, 3 surprise stickers, and a keychain or pin. Winners will be featured on social media and this website as well. *Team Keegsie items may vary on design throughout year.

Winners will be chosen once a month!

To celebrate the magic of our sport(s) by creating a place to connect and share experiences. People started sharing their running stories with me (which I absolutely love!), and I thought this would be a good way to honor those stories!

Anyone! Your story can be from the past or present.

No! Submissions are valid for a year. You can have up to 3 submissions per year

Winners will be selected by me.

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