July Story Of The Month Winner - Anna

July Story Of The Month Winner - Anna

Team Keegsie's Fifth Story Of The Month Winner! 

Congrats to Anna! I thought this story brought some humor to the often dreadful situation of running in summer heat. It's a good reminder to hydrate and listen to your body above all!

My coach decided for our time trial, that happens every August at the end of the month, that instead of going to a course we would run a 5k on the track. Keep in mind that in Kansas, August is one of the hottest months while also being one of the most humid. My coach decided that the best time to have this time trial was at 5 in the afternoon. I tried my best to drink as much water as possible before this race but it proved to be not enough.

Ever since I started running I would find ways to distract myself from the pain. The most effective way of doing so was to sing songs in my head. Sometimes during the races I could choose the song but sometimes whatever popped into my head would just stick no matter how annoying it could be. During this particular race the Dragon Tails theme song started to go on repeat in my head. I truly believe this was due to my dehydration and the fact that right before the race I watched a TikTok with said theme song as the sound. So the whole race all I could hear was the dragon tails theme which was really frustrating when mixed with the lack of proper hydration.

At the end of the race, to my relief, I was able to stop repeating the theme in my head which only left me with complete dehydration in the humidity and heat of August. Right as I crossed the finish line, our team manager came up to congratulate me and hand me water. As she was trying to talk to me, I later found out the only thing I said to her was “purple”. To this day I have no recollection of saying this but I truly believe that I said this because of that one purple dragon from dragon tails. To this day I cannot listen to that song because I know the next time a race it might be what I’m stuck listening to.


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