May Story Of The Month Winner - Annie

May Story Of The Month Winner - Annie

Team Keegsie's Third Story Of The Month Winner! 

Congrats to Annie! I think many of us can relate to an incident like this in one shape or form 😆 


My junior year cross country season was my best one yet. Our team was stronger than ever, and I had pr after pr. Our girls team had made it to regionals for the first time in 10 years! So, needless to say I was so excited. I wanted to do well, so that day I made sure I was eating properly and drinking plenty of water.

 About an hour before our race, I drank a bottle of water. We left for warmup and my coach made a last call for bathroom trips. I knew I didn't have to go so I'd be fine! The race starts and it's going pretty well. About halfway through, I realize something. I have to pee. 

I frantically think of what to do. Stop in the woods and take a quick detour? Hold it until the end? Pee myself right then? I decided I would try and hold it, but it was getting worse. I had another mile and a half and I couldn't hold it anymore. As I crossed the finish line, I realized I had hit a significant milestone many runners go through. I had peed myself during a run.


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